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EA Forum - Cape Town

An Architect's Framework for Navigating Complexity

Date and Time
Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 16:00

Cape Manor Hotel
1 Marais Road
Sea Point
Cape Town
South Africa

Presented by:
Deven Gengan

Presentation Synopsis:

Practicing Enterprise Architecture in any organisation is challenging due to the frequently changing market conditions in both the internal and external environments. Cloud, DevOps, continuous development and other elements add to the complexity that Architects need to navigate through. Thus, it is critical for Architects to use effective decision-making approaches that are adaptable and match the complexity of each situation.

Join Deven Gengan at this month’s EA Forum where he will share his knowledge and experience gained from complexity science. The session will assist Architects to execute in more adaptable ways and serve their organisations effectively.

Deven Gengan is an Enterprise Architect at Standard Bank, navigating complexity across SAP ERP, SaaS and Cybersecurity. He is very passionate about architecture frameworks and their applications in real world scenarios. Deven also leads the agile architecture transformation in Standard Bank. He holds a HDE(UKZN), BSc(UNISA), BSc HONS(UNISA) and is TOGAF certified.