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March, 2014
Enterprise Security Architecture for Cyber Security
Maganathin Veeraragaloo

Cyber Security is one of the major challenges facing organisations within all industries. In his presentation, Maganathin Veeraragaloo examines the integration of an Enterprise Architecture approach with an Enterprise Security Architecture approach (TOGAF and SABSA) with the aim of creating an overall architectural view of the organisation, mitigating cyber security risks using Enterprise Security Architecture, and maintaining a secure business environment.

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February, 2014
Managing Information as an Asset
Jurgens Pieterse

Jurgens Pieterse's presentation focuses on the information management framework they use at the Parliament of SA to improve information management maturity in a measurable manner. He touches on information requirements management, information quality management, the role of an information architecture, integration layer and analytics in information management.

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November, 2013
Enterprise Architecture - The Linchpin between Corporate Governance & IT Governance
Stuart Macgregor, CEO, The Open Group South Africa

Stuart Macgregor's presentation focuses on how a synergistic approach between Corporate Governance, IT Governance, and Enterprise Architecture can increase an organisation’s value while reducing cost. He includes a look at how King III and COBIT 5 make enterprise architecture the CEO’s accountability.

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July, 2013
EA and Outsourcing at Standard Bank
Sarel van der Westhuizen

In Sarel van der Westhuizen's presentation, he identifies the drivers and constraints for business process outsourcing of corporate and investment banking operations. He also looks at how enterprise architecture is used to guide outsourcing decisions at Standard Bank.

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May, 2013
Information Architecture at Eskom
Shannon Naidoo

Shannon Naidoo's presentation focuses on information architecture at Eskom including a look at how master data management and data quality moved from being IT-specific, back-office initiatives to becoming frontline business initiatives with C-suite visibility.

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May, 2013
Enterprise Architecture at Sanlam
Pieter Malan

This presentation is a look at how Sanlam improved efficiencies, increased the architecture value offering, standardised architecture deliverables and optimised the service offering in a bid to better position their architecture practice internally.

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February, 2013
FNB’s Definition of a Strategic Framework and Operating Model
Hannelie Swanepoel

Case study of how FNB defined their strategy and operating model following the merger of two data warehousing departments. It focuses on FNB’s use of architecture principles and methods and includes some of their successes, failures and valuable lessons learned.

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November, 2012
Application Portfolio Management
Anthony Ducci

This presentation is about using a pragmatic, business-driven approach to Application Portfolio Management so as to provide quick returns by identifying application overlap and redundancy. It also touches on industry reference models and application life-cycle management.

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October, 2012
An Agile Approach to Architecture
Quinton Pienaar

In his presentation, Quinton Pienaar describes how MiX Telematics formalised their business operating model and modelled the enterprise processes so as to replicate them in all regions and functions across the group. He includes a look at how they combined an agile approach with the rigours of Enterprise Architecture to deliver fast results to the organisation.

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September, 2012
Telkom's Answer to Enterprise Architecture
Belinda Fivaz

In this presentation, Belinda Fivaz takes us through Telkom’s implementation journey and describes how PlanningIT has assisted in establishing TOGAF within the EA team.

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August, 2012
The Use of Modelling Tools for Enterprise Architecture
Johan Schoeman

Johan Schoeman's presentation focuses on the use of modelling tools for EA and includes the typical functions that modelling tools provide. The presentation also describes the requirements for implementing a modelling tool within an EA environment, and includes a look at the modelling tool market within a South African context.

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July, 2012
ArchiMate 2.0 A Step Towards A Common Language
Michelle van den Berg

Michelle van den Berg discusses ArchiMate 2.0; the open and independent modelling language for enterprise architecture. Her presentation focuses on how ArchiMate complements existing notations and standards; BPMN, UML and TOGAF

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May, 2012
Industry Reference Frameworks: Developing a Framework for Healthcare in Norway
Sarina Viljoen

This presentation is focused on the Healthcare Reference Framework which The Norwegian Healthcare Authority is sponsoring. Sarina looks at the Healthcare vision and business motivation driving the development and adoption of industry reference models and includes the business case for increased South African participation.

Download 1.93 MB
March, 2012
COBIT® 5.0 and TOGAF® 9: EA Governance Made Practical Durban
Stuart Macgregor

This presentation looks at governance as the key to entrenching EA into an organisation. It touches on the mapping between COBIT and TOGAF® with specific focus on the control points required to sustain a business-appropriate EA Practice. In addition, it offers insight into COBIT 5 and how it supports EA

Download 2.98 MB
March, 2012
Enterprise Architecture in Shoprite: Crafting architecture governance into IT business processes - Cape Town
Jean Buÿs

This presentation provides a walk through of the architecture processes and architecture governance authorities in the Shoprite Group of Companies. It shows how the architecture processes are integrated into the strategic and operational IT processes of the organization. A live demo of the process models in the EA repository is provided.

Download 2.17 MB
March, 2012
Sasol - Functional Excellence...a year later Jhb and Pta
Peter van Hoof

This presentation is a reflection on what has been delivered in Sasol's Functional Excellence (FE) programme. It also includes the role of Business Process Management as an integral part of Sasol’s future governance landscape.

February, 2012
Master Data Management – The Discipline, Not the Technology
Adriaan Vorster

In his presentation Adriaan Vorster discusses the need to reconsider the current data management landscape and to establish mechanisms to deal with unstructured, duplicate and redundant data. He argues that the master data management problem is pervasive and that the adoption of tools promising consolidated, quality enterprise data will only partly resolve it.

Download 644.54 KB
January, 2012
New Standards for SOA and Cloud
Clive Hatton

In his presentation, Real IRM's Clive Hatton "unpacks" The Open Group's two new standards for SOA and Cloud - the SOA Reference Architecture (SOA RA), and the Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Infrastructure Framework (SOCCI). He includes a look at what these standards mean for anyone implementing SOA or Cloud Computing and presents an argument in favour of vendor-neutral standards.

Download 1.87 MB
November, 2011
Enterprise Transformation and the Role of Open Standards
Allen Brown

In his presentation, Allen Brown, President and CEO of The Open Group, discusses enterprise transformation. The presentation includes the following key takeaways: Setting expectations and planning transformation; The role of standards in enterprise transformation; The work of the members of The Open Group.

Download 3.35 MB
October, 2011
Parsons Brinckerhoff Makes BPM Work for Large Engineering Projects
Juan Le Roux

This presentation describes how Parsons Brinckerhoff applies sound process design and a BPM workflow engine to deliver process visibility, single point data entry, and integrated reporting. It shows how this has resulted in their creating effective, transparent business processes across the business value chain and has ultimately built mutual trust among the stakeholders.

Download 1.53 MB