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TOGAFTOGAF® The Open Group Architecture Framework, is an industry standard architecture framework that may be used freely by any organization wishing to develop an information systems architecture for use within that organization. It has been developed and continuously evolved since the mid-90's by representatives of some of the world's leading IT customer and vendor organizations, working in The Open Group's Architecture Forum.

TOGAF® is available for use internally by any organization around the world - members and non-members of The Open Group alike - subject to license conditions - see About The Open Group Architecture Forum.

For more information about TOGAF® please contact Stuart Macgregor: Tel: +27 11 805 3734

White Papers

April, 2018
This White Paper provides an introduction to the TOGAF Standard, Version 9.2. Topics addressed include an introduction to the TOGAF standard,the structure of the TOGAF documentation, architecture in the context of the TOGAF standard, the contents of the TOGAF standard, about the TOGAF Standard Version 9.2, changes between Version 9.1 and Version 9.2 of the TOGAF standard
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