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The Open Group EMMMThe Open Group has convened a global forum, the Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals (EMMM) forum, to create reference models for the exploration and mining industry for metals and minerals.

EMMM functions to realize sustainable business value through collaboration around a common operating model, and to support vendors in their delivery of technical and business solutions. Its outputs are common reference deliverables such as mining process and information models.

Contact Roy Irvine for more information: +27(0) 11 805 3734 or

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Join EMMM to work towards creating reference models for the exploration, mining, metals and minerals industries and influence future direction.

Benefits of Joining EMMM

  • Better alignment between business and IT.
  • Identification and reduction of risk.
  • Enhanced ability to cope with change, and anticipate impacts or change.
  • Reduction of operational costs.
  • Easier compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements.
  • Ability to embed key business drivers, such as SHERQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Quality) into business processes.

Experts discuss mining

MineRP Talks: Mining methods explained
MineRP Talks:  Mining methods explained
MineRP TALKS: What is Optimization NOT?
MineRP TALKS: What is Optimization NOT?
EMMM David David Livestream LBR
EMMM David David Livestream LBR


  • Being part of The Open Group EMMM Forum has allowed us to network with companies who are interested in collaborating to identify challenges within Exploration and Mining where acQuire can provide geoscientific information management solutions.  This has proven to be a significant opportunity to collaborate with customers on improving connectivity and compliance in the industry.

    Alison Atkins, Managing Director, acQuire.

  • “Since the model first went public I have not used anything else as a basis for discussion because using the EM model as a reference with clients allows us to engage with any client and any mining method.

    The EM process model captures the mining business generically and allows us and the clients to discuss further levels of detail based on understanding the specifics of the mining method.

    Mike Woodhall, MineRP

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