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EA Forum - Pretoria

Booking Closed

Date and Time
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 08:00

Telkom, R-Centurion IT Wisteria Auditorium
91 Oak Avenue
South Africa

Presented by:
Adriaan Vorster

Presentation Synopsis:

According to Adriaan Vorster, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at University of Johannesburg (UJ), data management is becoming more important as enterprises mature and move beyond an information systems focus. In his presentation at this month’s EA Forum, Adriaan will discuss the need to reconsider the current data management landscape and to establish mechanisms to deal with unstructured, duplicate and redundant data.
Although vendors have responded by developing and deploying several Master Data Management suites that promise consolidated, quality enterprise data, Adriaan will argue that the master data management problem is more pervasive than this and that the adoption of suitable tools will only partly resolve it.
Adriaan Vorster has been CIO at the UJ (previously RAU) for eight years. He holds Bachelors and Master’s Degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from RAU and a post graduate certificate in Data Resource Management from the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.