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EAPC Presentations

"The Open Group 25th Anniversary Global Virtual Event"

As The Open Group South Africa, participated in the The Open Group 25th Anniversary Global Virtual Event on 27 October 2021.

This was a celebration of 25 years of the open digital standards produced by The Open Group. The event was hosted in different parts of the world including Shanghai, Mumbai, London, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Tokyo, Boston and Johannesburg.

"The state of Enterprise Architecture (EA) globally"

Over the past few years we have made huge progress in developing, refining and optimising a set of EA frameworks and methodologies.

Now is the time to express the transformative benefits of EA. We’ll explore how different EA practitioners have successfully established EA practices and learnt from their experiences while collaborating and growing the discipline together

“Positioning Enterprise Architecture to Deliver Business Value”

King III and COBIT 5 make enterprise architecture the CEO’s accountability. The importance of enterprise architecture as a strategic business capability and even as a source of competitive advantage is becoming increasingly well understood. What makes it source of competitive advantage is that so few organisations do it well.

This event explores how companies have positioned enterprise architecture and the experiences that their practitioners have had while implementing it within their organisations.