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January, 2016
Global Implications for Business Process and EA
Graham Fleischer

In this presentation, Graham Fleischer, S&OP Coordinator and Demand Analyst at Arysta LifeScience, discusses the work done at the dynamic multinational. He describes their changing organisation and take us through the pitfalls and successes they have encountered through dealing with people, processes and systems.

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July, 2015
Corporate Governance of ICT in the Public Sector
De Wit Coetsee

Corporate Governance of ICT in the public sector sets out to formalise the use of ICT as a resource to enable service delivery. This requires a cultural change since ICT needs to migrate from its technical role to become a strategic player in government service delivery efforts.

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June, 2015
Open CA/CITS - Professionalisation of the Information Technology Sector
Louw Labuschagne , Specialist Consultant and Trainer, Real IRM

This presentation provides an overview of the Open Certified Architect (Open CA) and Open Certified IT Specialist (Open CITS) programmes from The Open Group. These globally recognised, vendor-neutral certification programmes require candidates to submit a portfolio of evidence that details their skills and experience. Suitable for a variety of IT professionals, the Open CA certification has IT Architecture, Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture streams, and the Open CITS certification caters to IT specialists including Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, Security Specialists, Network Specialists and Service Support Specialists.

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May, 2015
Managing the Human Aspects of Change in EA Implementations
Joanne Macgregor, Specialist Consultant and Trainer, Real IRM

This presentation explores the role and composition of enterprise architecture (EA) Change Management and examines how it differs from change leadership. It introduces John Kotter’s 8 steps for leading change and provides a brief overview of the process of managing human change in EA implementations and organisational transformations. It also includes a consideration of the psychology of change - what psychological factors, change strategies and organisation conditions increase the individual’s motivation to change, and which merely exacerbate normal resistance to change.

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November, 2014
Frameworks of the IBM Systems Journal
Adriaan Vorster

The Zachman Framework can be seen as a classification scheme, whereas the newer Cynefin Framework is seen as a “sense-making” framework. Adriaan Vorster's presentation looks at the features, similarities and examples of the uses for the two frameworks.

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August, 2014
EA - The Linchpin between Corporate Governance & IT Governance V2
Stuart Macgregor

The presentation (updated to version 2 with new slides and information) focuses on how a synergistic approach between Corporate Governance, IT Governance, and Enterprise Architecture can increase an organisation’s value while reducing cost.

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July, 2014
GWEA Framework Yields Success at Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality
Lazarus Sikhwetha and Vuyani Zwane

Vuyani Zwane's presentation focuses how Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is using an architecture approach to business process standardisation to enable them to become a "Digital City". He includes a look at their use of the TOGAF, GWEA and eTOM frameworks to create a business process management-centric practice within the organisation.

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June, 2014
Business-Driven EA at Eskom
Dawid Lok and Sean Maritz

Sean Maritz and Dawid Lok's presentation describes Eskom's Enterprise Architecture (EA) journey and their focus on standardisation, optimisation and simplification. It includes a look at on Eskom’s well-defined EA capabilities that are built around TOGAF.

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May, 2014
Case study: Tiger Brands - IT Risk Changes Shape in the Cloud
Max Blecher

Max Blecher's presentation is a case study on the challenges they experienced during the recent change of their key IT infrastructure services provider. It includes the different perspectives that emerged between Tiger Brands and the service provider on key issues such as: what constitutes intellectual property, who owns it, how this impacts IT service transition responsibilities, and who has rights to control. The presentation also highlights the lessons learned and how these provide good insights into the potential IT risks that businesses could face in the cloud

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March, 2014
Enterprise Security Architecture for Cyber Security
Maganathin Veeraragaloo

Cyber Security is one of the major challenges facing organisations within all industries. In his presentation, Maganathin Veeraragaloo examines the integration of an Enterprise Architecture approach with an Enterprise Security Architecture approach (TOGAF and SABSA) with the aim of creating an overall architectural view of the organisation, mitigating cyber security risks using Enterprise Security Architecture, and maintaining a secure business environment.

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February, 2014
Managing Information as an Asset
Jurgens Pieterse

Jurgens Pieterse's presentation focuses on the information management framework they use at the Parliament of SA to improve information management maturity in a measurable manner. He touches on information requirements management, information quality management, the role of an information architecture, integration layer and analytics in information management.

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November, 2013
Enterprise Architecture - The Linchpin between Corporate Governance & IT Governance
Stuart Macgregor, CEO, The Open Group South Africa

Stuart Macgregor's presentation focuses on how a synergistic approach between Corporate Governance, IT Governance, and Enterprise Architecture can increase an organisation’s value while reducing cost. He includes a look at how King III and COBIT 5 make enterprise architecture the CEO’s accountability.

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July, 2013
EA and Outsourcing at Standard Bank
Sarel van der Westhuizen

In Sarel van der Westhuizen's presentation, he identifies the drivers and constraints for business process outsourcing of corporate and investment banking operations. He also looks at how enterprise architecture is used to guide outsourcing decisions at Standard Bank.

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May, 2013
Information Architecture at Eskom
Shannon Naidoo

Shannon Naidoo's presentation focuses on information architecture at Eskom including a look at how master data management and data quality moved from being IT-specific, back-office initiatives to becoming frontline business initiatives with C-suite visibility.

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May, 2013
Enterprise Architecture at Sanlam
Pieter Malan

This presentation is a look at how Sanlam improved efficiencies, increased the architecture value offering, standardised architecture deliverables and optimised the service offering in a bid to better position their architecture practice internally.

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February, 2013
FNB’s Definition of a Strategic Framework and Operating Model
Hannelie Swanepoel

Case study of how FNB defined their strategy and operating model following the merger of two data warehousing departments. It focuses on FNB’s use of architecture principles and methods and includes some of their successes, failures and valuable lessons learned.

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November, 2012
Application Portfolio Management
Anthony Ducci

This presentation is about using a pragmatic, business-driven approach to Application Portfolio Management so as to provide quick returns by identifying application overlap and redundancy. It also touches on industry reference models and application life-cycle management.

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October, 2012
An Agile Approach to Architecture
Quinton Pienaar

In his presentation, Quinton Pienaar describes how MiX Telematics formalised their business operating model and modelled the enterprise processes so as to replicate them in all regions and functions across the group. He includes a look at how they combined an agile approach with the rigours of Enterprise Architecture to deliver fast results to the organisation.

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September, 2012
Telkom's Answer to Enterprise Architecture
Belinda Fivaz

In this presentation, Belinda Fivaz takes us through Telkom’s implementation journey and describes how PlanningIT has assisted in establishing TOGAF within the EA team.

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August, 2012
The Use of Modelling Tools for Enterprise Architecture
Johan Schoeman

Johan Schoeman's presentation focuses on the use of modelling tools for EA and includes the typical functions that modelling tools provide. The presentation also describes the requirements for implementing a modelling tool within an EA environment, and includes a look at the modelling tool market within a South African context.

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