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Collaboration between The Open Group's EMMM Forum and the GMSG announced

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

GMSG has formed a new working group to collaborate with The Open Group’s Exploration, Mining, Metals and minerals (EMMM) forum. The objective of the working group is to assess the EMMM industry standards as context models for the industry. The desired outcome will be a user’s guideline outlining its use and application.

“GMSG strongly supports the identification of proven best practices as a means to providing the best possible tools to industry.  The Open Group has established the path to success by creating a comprehensive reference model. GMSG is excited to participate in bringing this innovative tool to the next level with a user’s guideline, and promoting the use of the model globally,” says Andrew Scott, GMSG Chair and Senior Director, Mining Information Technology, Barrick.


Without a commonly accepted framework providing a generic description of the mining business, every new initiative starts afresh with issues of explaining objectives and solutions to mining industry challenges.

“The Exploration and Mining reference framework defines the operating context for the industry. It acts as a guide, providing context to the operations in the industry,” says Sarina Viljoen, The Open Group EMMM (Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals) Forum Director and Specialist Consultant: Real IRM Solutions.

Stakeholders are as diverse as their mining company origins and the dictates of their specific discipline. Most will have a technical silo based view of the mining business, not necessarily wrong but potentially incomplete. Across the industry, the same words are used to mean different things and different words to mean the same thing. Any framework must at least address these and other matters of a common understanding of the mining business.

Over the last two decades, several attempts have been made at producing generic descriptions of the mining business; often in isolation and from a technical silo perspective. Models from other industries have been tried and found wanting. More recently,  The Open Group, a global Information Technology standards setting consortium via its Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals Forum has published, scrutinized, tested and approved standard models covering the full value chain of the mining industry.

The first in the series is a process based view of the mining business and the second, a business capability view for the exploration and mining  organization. More models are in the pipeline.

The working group will engage mining stakeholders to review existing and in-progress EMMM models with a view to verifying their usefulness for industry.

The formation of this group supports the notion of collaboration as a meaningful industry tool by which to identify and disseminate practical solutions to address common stakeholder problems as they strive for operational excellence.

“The collaboration between The Open Group’s EMMM forum and the GMSG will allow us to relate operational level projects to the context definition provided by the Reference Framework, providing a more holistic view of the mining business and the areas where the industry plays,” explains Viljoen.

For more information, or to indicate your interest, contact The Open Group EMMM (Exploration, Mining, Metals and Minerals) Forum Director, Sarina Viljoen,

About the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group
GMSG is an organization for global mining collaboration on solutions to common industry problems, needs and technology through standards, guidelines and best practices.

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