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TOGAF certified, now what?

Monday, July 20, 2015
Published by: Skills Portal

Local architects are able to develop and validate their skills with two internationally recognised qualifications – helping them boost career and salary advancement, gain valuable peer recognition, and attract the most interesting enterprise architecture (EA) opportunities.

The Open Group Certified IT Specialist (Open CITS) Programme and The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) Programme represent the ongoing ‘professionalisation’ of the EA discipline, a logical next step for architects once they have achieved their TOGAF certification and would like to advance their careers in the field.

Both programmes require architects to submit a portfolio of evidence and case material from past assignments; which then undergoes a rigorous peer review process. With a broad scope, both programmes look at technical and problem-solving skills, experience, as well as people skills.

Stuart Macgregor, CEO of The Open Group SA, explains that “these two peer-reviewed certifications are used by the world’s leading enterprises as an objective measure of capabilities.”

“Certified individuals find they’re able to unlock new growth opportunities and work on the most rewarding assignments, he adds.

The programmes – which are vendor neutral, portable and globally recognised – allow architects to access a different salary zone compared with non-certified peers. In fact, Open CA and Open CITS accreditation regularly appear on ‘highest-paid’ lists of international salary benchmarking in the IT sector.

Having certified professionals adds immense value to EA companies – giving clients and prospective clients reliable assurance of skills, and helping the organisation complete the most complex and challenging EA assignments.

To cater for IT architects’ differing levels of industry experience, Open CA is available at three levels (Certified, Master and Distinguished) and across three differing streams (EA, IT Architecture, and Business Architecture) – giving each qualification a distinct flavour.

Achieving the certification means individuals join the ranks of over 4000 certified people from 60 countries across the world.

Open CITS is similarly popular – with over 3000 certified professionals from a wide range of organisations, in more than 50 countries worldwide.

An attractive aspect of Open CITS is its appeal to so-called ‘T-shaped people’. In other words, individuals that are deep technical specialists in a core skill (the vertical component of the T), but combines this with a broad range of lighter skills in other related areas (the horizontal part). For this reason, T-Shaped people are often also referred to as ‘generalising specialists’.

For more information on all the Open Group certifications – including Open CA and Open CITS – email

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