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What are the benefits for each IT value chain stream?


The Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) Value Stream - Drive IT portfolio to business innovation

  • Provides the strategy to balance and broker your portfolio.
  • Provides a unified viewpoint across PMO, enterprise architecture, and service portfolio improves data quality for decision making.
  • Provides KPIs and roadmaps to improve business communication.

The Requirement to Deploy (R2D) Value Stream - Build what the business needs, when it needs it.

  • Provides a framework for creating, modifying, or sourcing a service.
  • Supports agile and traditional development methodologies.
  • Enables visibility of the quality, utility, schedule, and cost of the services you deliver.
  • Defines continuous integration and deployment control points.

The Request to Fulfill (R2F) Value Stream - Catalog, fulfill & manage service usage

  • Helps your IT organization transition to a service broker model.
  • Presents a single catalogue with items from multiple supplier catalogues.
  • Efficiently manages subscriptions and total cost of service.
  • Manages and measures fulfilments across multiple suppliers.

The Detect to Correct (D2C) Value Stream - Anticipate & resolve production issues

  • Brings together IT service operations to enhance results and efficiency.
  • Enables end to end visibility using a shared configuration model.
  • Identifies issues before they affect users.
  • Reduces the mean time to repair.