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IT4IT™ Reference Architecture

IT4IT™ Reference ArchitectureThe Open Group IT4IT™ Reference Architecture standard comprises a reference architecture and a value chain-based operating model for managing the business of IT. It provides prescriptive guidance on how to design, procure and implement the functionality needed to run IT. The end-to-end, ‘how to’ emphasis of the IT Value Chain and IT4IT™ Reference Architecture also enables the state of services that IT delivers to be systematically tracked across the service lifecycle.

The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture is freely available for use internally by any organization around the world - subject to license conditions.

For more information about IT4IT™ please contact Stuart Macgregor: Tel: +27 11 805 3734

White Papers

February, 2016
This document is designed to complement the IT4IT Reference Architecture, Version 2.0 by providing explorative information about aspects of the reference architecture. In this paper we explore the definition of IT service that is used across the IT4IT Reference Architecture (RA) body of work..
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IT4IT™ compliments TOGAF®, ARCHIMATE® & ITIL®

The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture is process-agnostic, focused on the data needed to manage a service through its lifecycle.

It is neutral with respect to development and delivery models.

The IT4IT™ Reference Architecture relates to TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, and ITIL® as shown below:

IT4IT Presentations

IT4IT™ Training & Certification Program

The purpose of the IT4IT™ Level 1 certification to is to provide validation that the candidate has gained knowledge of the terminology, structure, basic concepts of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, and understands the core principles of the reference architecture and the IT Value Chain.

IT4IT™ Foundation certification can be achieved through a 40 question exam.

More information on the program configuration for IT4IT™ Level 1 can be found at:

The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum

The IT4IT Forum provides a vendor-neutral place to meet, gain knowledge and lead the development of the IT4IT Reference Architecture for IT management portfolio.

Joining the IT4IT Forum enables you to actively support the development and adoption of the IT4IT Reference Architecture.

The IT4IT Forum is open to all Open Group member organizations.

For further information, visit the IT4IT Forum page.