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Remote Training and Certifications from The Open Group

Date Published: 
Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 11:30

In the current difficult situation, the one thing we can do is focus on what we can control. To keep busy and motivated, you can invest that extra time spent indoors to improve your knowledge and skills.

We believe it is more important than ever to boost your skillset with some new useful tools, to stay flexible and cope easily with unforeseen shifts and future challenges.

A number of our accredited trainers, including Real IRM -, are delivering remote, live courses to make learning in this time period easier, and the exams for our knowledge-based certifications are also available to be done remotely. Read more on how to take exams from the comfort of your own home or office -

If you’re interested in gaining new skills in the field of Enterprise Architecture, The Open Group offers a number of certifications that can help you:

The TOGAF® Standard
The TOGAF Standard is a proven Enterprise Architecture methodology and framework used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency and considered to be the de-facto standard for Enterprise Architecture industry-wide. We offer certification at both Foundation and Certified levels.
You can read more about the TOGAF Certification Portfolio here - You can also access all of the latest guidance relating to the TOGAF Standard in the TOGAF Library -

The TOGAF® Business Architecture
Based on the TOGAF® Standard, Version 9.2, the course provides knowledge and understanding of the Business Modeling, Business Capabilities, Business Scenarios, Information mapping and Value Streams and how to apply them in the development of a Business Architecture.
You can find more information on the TOGAF® Business Architecture qualification here -

The ArchiMate® Specification
Additionally, if you require a modelling language that will help you describe, analyze, and visualize complex systems, we recommend training and certification in ArchiMate modeling. Certification is available at Foundation and Practitioner levels.
More information on ArchiMate certification is available here - You can also access all of the latest guidance relating to the ArchiMate modelling language in the ArchiMate Library -

Open Certified Architect (Open CA)
If you are already an Architect with a number of years’ experience and really want to stand out from the crowd, there is no better way to evidence your experience than a Professional Qualification. As part of The Open Professions Program, The Open Group offers certification as an Open Certified Architect with disciplines in Enterprise, Solution, and Business Architecture. Certification can be achieved at three levels – Certified, Master Certified, and Distinguished.
To begin your journey into an Open CA certification, more information can be found here - Contact Real IRM to be billed locally.

The Open Group South Africa has many learning resources to make available during this challenging time. If you have questions about our training and certification options, please reach out to us at