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May, 2022
Why is Data Integration so Difficult?
Chris Harding

Dr Chris Harding explores the data integration context including why data is integrated, what kind of data is integrated, and he looks at the pain points and issues. In addition, Chis reviews the developments in data integration practices and technology, including Data Virtualisation, Data Fabric, Data Mesh, and Data Platforms.

As part of this presentation, Chris also touches on how The Open Group standards; TOGAF, the O-AA (Open Agile Architecture), and the DPBok (Digital Practitioners’ Body of Knowledge) can help and support architects engaged in data integration projects.

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March, 2022
How Is Your Agile Today?
Adriaan Vorster

In a world where Agile has been elevated to the Ultimate Silver Bullet, with world-leading consultancies establishing Agile consulting teams, Adriaan Vorster takes a slightly irreverent look at what Agile is all about (and what it is not).
By investigating the Agile environment from a Control Systems perspective Adriaan Vorster will attempt to pare concepts to the bone and propose a way of managing complex environments with significant uncertainty by using a simple rule based approach.

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June, 2020
Architecture Blueprint for a Global Company Merger
Mark Van Bavel, NTT Limited

In his presentation, Mark van Bavel, Executive Vice President, Digital Platform Architecture at NTT Limited, will describe how Enterprise Architecture was used to formulate the strategy to both integrate and transform the organisation. Their strategy was to enable the integration, consolidation and digital transformation of the entire organisation. Mark will include details of the architecture approach, technology strategy, blueprint, methodology and tools they used.

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February, 2020
Business Insights as a Service - Cultivating Data Citizenship
Ana Moreira, De Beers Group

At this month’s EA Forum, Data Architect, Ana Moreira, will describe how they set up a data architecture for a Data Analytics platform that enables Data Citizenship. She will discuss how the architecture leverages off Cloud infrastructure as well as metadata-driven data processing mechanisms to provide speedier delivery to address business requirements

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October, 2019
Standard Bank's New Ways of Working
Josef Langerman, Standard bank

At this month’s EA Forum, Josef has returned to share his experiences at Standard Bank during the past two years. His presentation will focus on business transformation and the role that Programme and Portfolio management have played. He will also touch on culture as the key differentiator, and the role that Enterprise Architects can play in guiding the organisation.

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August, 2019
The Game Plan Canvas
Suren Naidoo, The Foschini Group

The Game Plan Canvas is a simple tool for crafting strategies across the IT Value Chain. Based on the popular Business Model Canvas from, it is composed of 9 building blocks that allow for the development of a common language for strategy development within the Enterprise IT context.

At this month’s EA Forum, The Foshini Group’s Suren Naidoo, will set the context for, and take us through the Game Plan Canvas to show how it can be leveraged for different scenarios.

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July, 2019
From Enterprise Alchemy to Enterprise Engineering
Adriaan Vorster, Real IRM

An old fashioned Electrical Systems Engineer considers the requirements, and methodologies, consistent with moving from a state of Enterprise Alchemy towards an Engineered Enterprise.

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June, 2019
e-Government Architecture Framework
Romi Vidmar, SARS

Through e-Government initiatives, South Africa’s Government seeks to provide improved services, greater public service efficiencies and cost containment. These endeavours meet and have met with varying levels of success since 1998.

In this month’s EA Forum, Romi Vidmar, ESM Architect at SARS, will take us through a newly-proposed framework of twelve architectural artefacts which aims to facilitate the successful use of the Government Wide Enterprise Architecture (GWEA) framework and ICT governance

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May, 2019
TOGAF® Business Architecture in Practice
Michael Payne, Real IRM Solutions

As part of the TOGAF 9.2 standard, The Open Group released the TOGAF Series Guides which contain detailed guidance on how to use the TOGAF framework. Included in this set are Guides on Business Models, Business Capabilities, Value Streams, Business Scenarios, and Information Mapping.

At this month’s EA Forum, Michael Payne will provide an overview of these TOGAF Series Guides and show how these support the new TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 qualification. He will also take us through some of the requirements for establishing a sustainable business architecture capability, as well as some of the considerations and issues Business Architects may face

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February, 2019
Putting The Open Group EMMM Models to Work
Mike Woodhall, MineRP

The Open Group EMMM forum commenced work on mining business models in 2008. Their first published model was the ‘Exploration and Mining Business Process Reference Model’, and was followed by the ‘Exploration and Mining Business Capability Reference Map’. In this presentation, Mike Woodhall will show how these reference models have been used at MineRP as the foundation for their understanding of the mining business. He will also discuss how their employees, clients and ecosystem partners have benefited from this approach.

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October, 2018
Security-by-Design in Enterprise Architecture
Frans Sauermann & Ngoie Wandelewe, MTN Group

The strategic importance of Information Security for organisations is gaining momentum. The current surge in cyber threats is compelling organisations to invest in information security to protect their assets. Rushing to protect assets often comes with the expense of excessive technology adoption without a valid strategic foundation. Enterprise Security Architecture is geared to address these issues, but is frequently misaligned with Enterprise Architecture.

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August, 2018
Debunking Technology Trend Myths
Gerhard Botha

The latest technology trends seem to promise almost magical results….. Artificial Intelligence will take over the world, Internet of Things is everywhere, and everything is in the cloud. In this presentation, Lead Enterprise Architect, Gerhard Botha, separates the magical from the mythical and debunk the myths surrounding these technology trends so that we can focus on the real value they can deliver.

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May, 2018
TOGAF 9.2 - Transforming Business
Stuart Macgregor

The latest version of the TOGAF standard has special emphasis on Business Architecture, Digital Trends, and Business Transformation beyond IT. Stuart Macgregor takes us through some of these changes to the TOGAF® 9.2 standard and discuss how they will benefit us.

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August, 2017
An Architect's Framework for Navigating Complexity
Deven Gengan

It is critical for Architects to use effective decision-making approaches that are adaptable and match the complexity of each situation. Deven Gengan assist architects to execute in more adaptable ways and serve their organisations effectively.

Download 1.6 MB
February, 2017
A toolbox of modern management practices for a Digital World
Josef Langerman

The world is moving faster and traditional methods are not working anymore. Josef Langerman gives an overview of these management techniques and how they can enable organisations to move forward. Enterprise Architecture has a crucial role to play, and we will discuss this contribution.

Download 2.47 MB
January, 2017
Architecting Solutions for the Cloud
Michael Needham

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the fastest growing and first IT company in history to reach $10 Billion in revenue. In this presentation, Michael Needham focusses on how Amazon innovates at break-neck pace through its culture, organisation and technology while still operationally running workloads of 1 Million+ customers.

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September, 2016
Approaches to Business Architecture
Michael Payne

In this presentation Michael Payne debates the merits of placing Business Architecture within an organisation’s Business, IT or Enterprise Architecture departments. He examines some of the options available to organisations starting out with Business Architecture, and touches on Business Architecture engagement models.

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July, 2016
ArchiMate® 3.0 - Trick or Treat?
Bruno Vandenborre

In this presentation Bruno Vandenborre, The Open Group accredited trainer at Real IRM, explores the purpose and utility of the new version of the ArchiMate standard. As well as a look at the updates and changes to the new version, he discusses the various responses and critiques to ArchiMate, and provide insight into how ArchiMate benefits the South African market.

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June, 2016
Technological Trends in a Disruptive Age
Gerhard Botha

In this presentation, Gerhard Botha, Head of Group MES architecture at Sasol, discusses the major technological trends that are set to challenge businesses. He will take a look at opportunities as well as ways to respond to the challenges.

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March, 2016
IT4IT™ - Managing the Business of IT
Louw Labuschagne, Real IRM

An overview of The Open Group IT4IT Reference Architecture. It is a vendor and product-agnostic value chain-based operating model for managing the business of IT. While providing guidance on the design, procurement and implementation of the functionality needed to run IT, it also enables the systematic tracking of the state of IT services across the service life-cycle.

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