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October, 2010
EMMMv Breakfast Seminar 22 Oct 2010
Roy Irvine, Datamine

The Open Group’s EMMMv forum hosted a breakfast seminar in celebration of the creation of the first exploration and mining business process reference model.

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July, 2010
What is Enterprise Architecture?
Jan Mentz

In his presentation, Jan Mentz tackles some of the problems with defining EA by giving us insight into the lack of theoretical (and possibly philosophical!) grounding that is, or should be inherent to EA. He also highlights the issues that stem from EA’s foundation in information systems and information technology, and considers the usefulness of ISO/IEC 42010:2007 as a basis for defining EA.

May, 2010
Enterprise Architecture at Internet Solutions
Hein Lorenzen

In his presentation Hein Lorenzen discusses how Internet Solutions uses enterprise architecture to address issues such as process standardisation and data integrity. Hein also highlights the use of industry-specific reference models and shows how Internet Solutions utilises them to help with the establishment of their enterprise architecture capability.

April, 2010
The CMDB; “a Collection of the Chaos in the IT Environment”
Alryn Smit

In his presentation Alryn Smit questions whether the IT terms, Configuration Management, Asset Management, Inventory Management, Service Management and CMDB are understood within themselves or whether they are being used too generically in a bid to address other issues in the organization.

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February, 2010
Certification for Architects - is it worth it?
Jan de Beer

In his presentation, Jan de Beer, who was awarded his ITAC Level II (Master Certified IT Architect) in January 2009, shares his experiences around achieving his ITAC certification and his thoughts on the value that the ITAC certification has brought him from a professional stand-point. Jan also discusses the requirements for attaining the certification.

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January, 2010
Architecture Enabling KING III Compliance
Mauritz Kloppers

This presentation focuses on the new KING III code and the key requirements that can be enabled by EA and IT Governance; namely the development and maintenance of an IT Charter/policy that follows a formal Internal Control Framework, and the maintenance of Business / IT alignment and its documentation in a formal IT Strategy.

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October, 2009
EA Landscape in South Africa
Wynand Vorster

The presentation focuses on an enterprise architecture (EA) survey that Sybase conducted through ITWeb earlier this year. The survey aimed to determine the adoption level of EA in South Africa as well as to gain perspective on its uses locally. The results show trends within the local EA market, both in terms of its current state and what we can expect in the future.

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July, 2009
SOA What?
Willem Bekker, Standard Bank

The presentation includes a discussion on:

1. SOA-in-brief described in practical business terms
2. “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” in SOA
3. How does one establish SOA? – a real example

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June, 2009
An overview of the GWEA Framework
Willie Needham, SITA and Julius Segole, GITO Council

The South African government is the first public sector entity to formally adopt and adapt TOGAF® 9 for Enterprise Architecture (EA). The framework that resulted is referred to as the Government Wide Enterprise Architecture (GWEA) Framework. This presentation is a discussion on the creation and evolution of the framework as well as its alignment to TOGAF® 9.

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May, 2009
A Project Governance Framework
Carol Thomas, Auditor-General

This presentation is a discussion on a project governance framework. It focuses on the definition of project goals, clarification of roles and responsibilities, risk management, change management, evidentiary requirements for an audit, and the enablement of project delivery.

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March, 2009
Usability and Eye Tracking
Marco Pretorius, Usability Manager & Researcher

This presentation provides insight into the work taking place in UNISA‘s usability laboratory. It includes examples of usability and eye-tracking studies and their results, and shows how a focus on usability and user-centred design improves delivery of the various layers of an enterprise architecture.

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November, 2008
Moving From Checkmate to Archimate
Louw Labuschagne, Real IRM

The aim of this presentation is to introduce the Archimate Language to South African architects with a special focus on describing the key elements of the notation. A sample set of domain viewpoints described by ArchiMate is also discussed and explained.

Download 1.7 MB
October, 2008
Business Requirements, Use Cases, and EA Assets…
Marius Snel, Nedbank

This presentation describes how Nedbank has improved the quality of business requirements by using an Enterprise Architecture approach to identify and create processes from which use cases are defined and automatically generated for solution development.

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August, 2008
Enterprise Architecture in Support of Project Execution
Etienne Venter, Woolworths

This presentation includes the manner in which the domain architectures are used in the solution architecture to support project execution. The solution architecture comprises project definition, business requirement specifications, system requirement specifications and application integration specifications.

July, 2008
Solution Architecture for Eskom Distribution
Krystal Raptopoulos, Eskom

Following on from Shannon Naidoo’s successful presentation at the Enterprise Architecture Practitioners’ Conference in June, this presentation outlines the history of Solution Architecture modelling at Eskom Distribution. Particular emphasis is placed on the usage of the Solution Architecture domain and examples of solution models representing various views of the application and/or integration are discussed.

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July, 2008
Life Assurance Industry EA Event
Stuart Macgregor, Real IRM and Freda du Toit, SDT Financial Software Solutions

Event took place during July 2008 at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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June, 2008
Enterprise Architecture Practitioners' Conference

Event took place in Johannesburg during June 2008. Please follow this link for the program

April, 2008
Taking TOGAF® Forward
Stuart Macgregor, Real IRM

Where is the information?

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February, 2008
Benchmark for IT Architects
Paul van der Merwe, Real IRM

The Open Group has developed an IT Architect Certification (ITAC) programme in response to the growing demand for IT Architects with a proven track record of success. The programme sets an independent, industry-wide standard for IT Architects that validates their skills, experience and success in architecting solutions across the whole lifecycle.

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November, 2007
The Role of EA in ICT Strategy
Johan van Tonder, Anglo Platinum

Anglo Platinum used principles developed by their EA practice to guide the development of their ICT Strategy. This included both the directing and organising of the ICT function.

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